November was a busy month!

November was a busy month!

Meetings here and there, clients & orders to fill before the year was up, several interviews, a project with DTI-CITEM, another trip to Tacloban (will blog about that on a separate entry!) and a fashion show!

4 of the country’s best fashion schools came together for a friendly showdown amongst its students!

SoFA Design Institute x Slim’s x FIP x Benilde

(that’s School of Fashion and the Arts, Slim’s Fashion and Arts School, Fashion Institute of the Philippines and College of Saint Benilde)

It was a fun, fun event and reeeally awesome to see other young designer friends, previous fashion schoolmates, clients, editors and the awesome people from SM I’ve worked with before!

Got thrilled when Tessa Prieto Valdes waved liked a proud tita from her front row seat when I took a bow and when Ms. Millie, VP of SM PR made her way over to say hi after the show!

Until the next show! Already working on the new collection!
Exciting times! I really love my job.

Tipay xx

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