Catalogue this.

Thanks for all the love we’ve been getting for the new collection! A little background on the inspiration behind S/S 2015: Sweet Treachery. It was inspired by the summer spent in Italy. I went to an underground cemetery of skulls in Napoli, Cimitero Delle Fontanelle. People would “adopt” a skull, house them in a nice glass case, or a little skull-sized home, and care for the skulls and the souls that used to belong to them, or pray to the skulls for some guidance… in love mostly. Hi-hee! I saw a handwritten letter to one particular skull. A lady was asking for some guidance cos she had a lover but he was married, she was not asking that he leave his wife, but for some clarity and hopefully he’d make up his mind. Oh, the plights of the human race! There’s a lot of skulls, and horns and spikes, and hints of animalism in this collection, a naked doll-like lady with empty eyes, balls and more balls (our signature!) and of course, pineapple! The all-seeing, with its body full of eyes, toughie sweet fruit, pineapple! We use the pineapple fiber in our knits, we like doing that, haven’t y’all noticed??? And we’ve developed our very own Tipay Caintic Exclusive Pineapple Print in collaboration with our dear friend and very VERY talented illustrator Katrina Teh! Hope you enjoy this Sweet Treachery, mi loves!   Tipay xx

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